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Accounting Services; Income Tax, GST/HST, Commodity & Property Tax Consultants

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Specializing in accounting / tax and payroll services for small and medium-sized businesses, Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates serve all of Ontario. We are highly experienced in:

  • Accounting systems review
  • Income tax services
  • GST / HST & Excise Tax / Customs Act
  • Ontario tax service
  • Tax analysis
  • Payroll services
We Make Your Life Easier

Whether you own a corner store or a downtown law firm; Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates will handle your tax, accounting and payroll details while you attend to daily business. Undergoing an audit? We’ll handle it and provide post-audit assistance. Abbey will file your T1 and T2 returns and deal with your provincial rebate and refund applications. Our staff will prepare tax court appeals and do customs documentation.


Avoid Costly Errors

Making a tax mistake can have disastrous – and expensive – consequences. Rely on the team of experts at Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates, who range from retired Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) auditors to appeals officers. Contact us and see for yourself the many ways we can assist your business.

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