We’re Knowledgeable of GST, HST & Excise Tax, & the Customs Act

At Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates, we have expertise in dealing with the Excise Tax Act; Excise Act; Excise Act 2000 and the Customs Act and tariffs as they relate to gasoline; diesel; jewellery; insurance; tobacco, beer, wine and spirits; value for duty etc. Let us handle:

  • Preparation and filing of GST/HST returns; rebates and refund applications.
  • Pre-audit assistance – GST/HST audit.
  • Audit assistance (CRA).
  • Audit queries response and resolution.
  • Post-audit assistance.
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) review and recommendations for possible course of action.
  • Prepare and file with the CRA:
    • Notices of Objections and supporting documentation.
    • Requests for Advance Ruling and supporting documentation.
  • Pre and post business transaction review and analysis for income tax implications and impact.
  • Foreign tax rebates/refunds applications preparation and filing.

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