Hire the Ontario Experts in Business Transactions Tax Analysis

There are various tax implications with various degrees of significance in almost all business transactions. The impact of these tax implications are most often ignored by small and medium-sized businesses without first determining their materiality.

Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates offer business transactions  tax analysis consulting services , which are performed by our uniquely qualified experts, to individuals and small to medium businesses. In our tax analysis and tax impact determinations, we demonstrate, quantitatively, the opportunity cost of ignoring business transactions tax implications. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Acquisition of assets analysis.
  • Buy vs lease.
  • Foreign vs domestic purchase.
  • Build vs rent real estate.
  • Construction and renovations.
  • Make or buy.

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Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your business transactions when it comes to taxes. Call Abbey K. Sirivar & Associates for a tax analysis today.

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